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Well happy Wednesday everyone! I cannot believe we are officially in 2019 and the new year has begun! I have some very exciting news and this is definitely a different edition for my usual “Winery Wednesday” post.



For this January I have decided to have a “Dry January” so that I can focus on health and wellness heading into the new year on “Bordeaux Blonde.” Now I know that health and fitness is a pretty common theme for New Years resolutions, but this so exciting for me to include on my page and more about myself. This is an opportunity to share more about other passions I have besides wine, including a look into my love of health and fitness.


Now, I know what you are thinking, how is a wine blogger to give up wine for an ENTIRE month?! And while I know this will be challenging given I live in Napa Valley and I love to go wine tasting, I am so excited to use this opportunity to include my love of fitness into the “Bordeaux Blonde” world. Don’t worry I will still be writing plenty about wine and still include all my Napa adventures still on my page and blog!

I will be participating in the “Dry January” challenge with one of my roommates and we are also trying the “Whole 30” challenge. I am so excited to try both challenges to start of the new year! I always do a juice cleanse once a month as I really see the benefits and feel better. Stay tuned for more about health and fitness in my upcoming posts on “Bordeaux Blonde”!



New year

3A0BBF05-DD68-4014-B38E-7C75346EAD60Good morning everyone!

I cannot believe that in just a few days it will officially be 2019! This past year has been quite a year for me and I am feeling so blessed by all of the new adventures I have had. The biggest one having been moving my whole life to beautiful Napa Valley. Even though I grew up in NorCal, I never had any plans of ever living in Napa until an opportunity presented itself in my career path to make the move and next step. I am so happy I took that leap of faith to a new town, community and job. I am so blessed and grateful to everyone who has welcomed me into this amazing community.

About nine months ago I had the discussion with one of my good friends about the idea to start “Bordeaux Blonde” and to start writing and sharing my experiences here in Napa and my journey overall. I thank her and everyone who supported me in making the decision to start my own blog and to turn my instagram off “private” and begin sharing my experiences. This was an even bigger step for me to open my world to everyone and to share more and more about myself, to a community I have never met. This has been such a blessing as I have met some pretty great people in this wine instagram world who have become dear friends.

In the beginning, and even now to be honest, I had no idea where this would take me and what it would look like to have a blog in the wine world. Almost every weekend my friend and I would try to go to different wineries and try to learn as much as we could about wine and the entire process. I had always loved wine, but this is when my passion grew and I wanted to share so other knew more about Napa. I love giving recommendations to people traveling to Napa for the first time or even if it is their 100th trip. There are over 500-600 wineries just in Napa so there are definitely a lot to choose from!

As this year is coming to an end I can’t help but look back and feel grateful for all of the opportunity and support I have received. I am very excited for this upcoming New Year and for some new adventures! This year I want to continue to grow “Bordeaux Blonde” in the wine community but also to expand it to include more of my other interests and passions, so stay tuned!

Cheers everyone to 2019!



What am I currently reading?

img_6382My summer reading has had one common theme; wine, of course. While I have been practicing my French lessons here and there throughout the summer, my main focus has been diving into books about the art of wine.

“From Napa with Love” was given to me by one of my good friends once I received the exciting news I would be relocating to Napa Valley. It was my first step into learning more about wine country, where to visit for tastings and some history of the valley. One of the first chapters of the book introduces Jean-Charles Boisset, the exciting French vintner here in Napa. After reading about his creations and style I knew I had to experience his wineries and tasting rooms.


I began at the JCB Tasting room in Yountville, then to Raymond Vineyards, and Buena Vista Winery, all products of Jean-Charles Boisset. I think the style of JCB is so exciting and something you will definitely not expect to see in Napa.

I decided to learn more about the life of sommeliers and the stories behind the scenes. I just recently began reading “Cork Dork” by Bianca Bosker. This book has been so enlightening into the experience the author went through during her quest and training to become a sommelier. It is fascinating the sacrifices made to become some of the best in the wine business. I am excited to keep reading this book and finish this summer.

My next read this summer and fall  is “How to Taste” by the famous Jancis Robinson. With this book I really hope to learn more technique to become a better taster. I want to challenge myself to know what goes into each glass of wine and the proper etiquette of tastings. I think having more understanding for each wine is so important and I am excited for my wine adventures to come.

Happy Reading!


I have found that the way I start my morning can affect how the rest of my day can pefect morning blogcontinue. If I wake up late, rushing to get ready for work and get out of the door on time, I find the rest of my morning continues to be frantic and that I am a little scattered. As great as sleeping in can be, I find that when I wake up earlier and allow myself plenty of time to get everything done in the morning, I feel more productive and organized throughout my day.

I came across a very interesting audio-book a couple months ago that I really loved and was full of some great advice.  It’s titled “What the most successful people do before breakfast” by Laura Vanderkam. The book goes through the stories of very successful individuals all across the business world and how they each start their mornings. All have a common theme, waking up early enough and not being rushed in the morning before heading to work. Whether it is journaling, meditating, getting a workout in, creating a list of goals for that day, etc. There are so many ways to start the morning with peace and avoid being rushed to your tasks for the day.

My perfect morning consists of starting with a delicious cup of warm coffee and sitting down to read, journal, or simply plan out my day. I usually never wake up early enough to get a full workout in because I prefer to lift weights and do cardio in the afternoon. However, I do love to start my mornings with some yoga and stretching to get my body awake and energized for the day. I have an office job where I am sitting for a large portion of the day, so starting the morning with some form of exercise really helps. Every morning definitely isn’t perfect and there are days where I do wake up too late and don’t allow myself the tranquility of getting ready on my own slow time without constantly checking the clock. I hope to continue the practices of waking up early as the benefits always seem to outweigh the cost of getting to sleep in an extra 15-30 minutes.

Setting my goals at night for the next day inspire to rise and shine and to embrace every minute I have that day.


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