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2020 – What nobody expected

Hello and thank you so much for taking the time to visit my page, I truly appreciate it! Welcome to my Bordeaux Blonde site, a place where I share my love of wine, travel, and fashion. Today, I want to share something a little… Continue Reading “2020 – What nobody expected”

Celebrate with Libbey!

Hello and welcome to my Bordeaux Blonde page, thank you so much for visiting! Now, if you have been following along for a while you know I LOVE a great wine glass. As I have continue to grow my passion for wine and learn… Continue Reading “Celebrate with Libbey!”

Join Raw Vino

I don’t know what could be better than coming home after a long day at work to a package of wine delivered right to your house?! Well wait no longer, Raw Vino has you covered! This amazing wine membership service gives you the option… Continue Reading “Join Raw Vino”

Not your typical Winery Wednesday!

Well happy Wednesday everyone! I cannot believe we are officially in 2019 and the new year has begun! I have some very exciting news and this is definitely a different edition for my usual “Winery Wednesday” post. For this January I have decided to… Continue Reading “Not your typical Winery Wednesday!”

New Year

Good morning everyone! I cannot believe that in just a few days it will officially be 2019! This past year has been quite a year for me and I am feeling so blessed by all of the new adventures I have had. The biggest… Continue Reading “New Year”

5 Goals for this Summer

With this summer weather in full force here in Norcal (currently over 90 degrees in Napa Valley this week) I thought it might be fun to share my 5 personal goals for this Summer! I always feel that I long for the warm summer… Continue Reading “5 Goals for this Summer”

My perfect morning

I have found that the way I start my morning can affect how the rest of my day can continue. If I wake up late, rushing to get ready for work and get out of the door on time, I find the rest of… Continue Reading “My perfect morning”