• My perfect morning

    My perfect morning

    I have found that the way I start my morning can affect how the rest of my day can continue. If I wake up late, rushing to get ready for work and get out of the door on time, I find the rest of my morning continues to be frantic and that I am a… Read more

  • Visiting Wine Country

    (Buena Vista Winery) As you’re making your drive from San Francisco, maybe Sacramento, or you are driving in from another part California, you immediately notice the difference once you turn onto Highway 12. Almost immediately you start to see vineyards here and then suddenly you are surrounded by mesmerizing green vineyards that make Wine Country… Read more

  • Bonjour Cheri

    Bonjour Cheri

    Bonjour et bienvenue! (Good day and welcome!) Ahhh, of the most beautiful and romantic languages in the world. To begin my love and passion for Paris, I need to start from the beginning… I have always loved to travel growing up and I had the greatest desire to travel abroad my whole life. I… Read more

  • My Story

    Welcome everyone to Bordeaux Blonde, thank you so much for visiting! My name is Sara Renee and I am 26 years old. I am a native Cali girl living and loving everything the Golden State has to offer. I have currently live in Napa Valley and I am sharing my experiences one winery and adventure… Read more

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