It’s Premiere Release Week!

Thank you for stopping by and visiting my Bordeaux Blonde page! Today I wanted to share some important information that is taking place in the wine world! Some of the most unique, rarest, and highly coveted wines are being released! Now, this year has definitely been a year none of us could have predicted. We have had to postpone or cancel many of our favorite events this year. From sports games to concerts, shows and so so much more. While things have drastically changed I do have a fantastic announcement about an annual wine event that is now taking place virtually.

TODAY, November 9th is the kickoff for the Premiere Napa Valley wine brand featuring some amazing wine! From now until this Saturday the Premiere Napa Valley wines from Napa Valley Auction are kicking off a set of virtual events all week long. During these online events, you will discover why these wines are the most unique and highly sought after wines ever. 

Now for those who are not familiar, every year in February, Napa Valley hosts the famous Napa Valley Auction. This is a truly special event where hundreds of Napa Valley vintners come together to showcase their limited edition wine for the auction itself. At the auction, wine sellers are welcomed to sample the lots from the vintners participating. There are usually over 1,000 wine sellers to be exact who attend the exciting Napa Valley Auction in hopes of coveting one of these exclusive wine lots. 

At Napa Valley Auction no expense is spared for some looking to get their hands on some of this incredible wine. The average price per lot at the auction all varies and depends on the winery, popularity, quality of the wine produced, the lot size, and so many other factors. This past year in 2020 the highest bid went to Rudd Estate in Oakville for a five case lot of their 2018 Cabernet Sauvignon with a pretty hefty price tag…an astonishing $2,000.00 per bottle (there are twelve bottles in each wine case).

The Premiere Napa Valley label is releasing the wines to the retailers or restaurants that purchased them. With only one lot produced per winery under this label, these wines are some of the most exclusive wines as they are such a limited production. Some of these wines are from winery members such as Silver Oak, Honig Vineyards, Keenen Vineyards, Hourglass, Cain, and many more. With this year’s Premiere Release Week being virtual, you are invited to join the education sessions to learn even more about this one of a kind wines. 

Now this all sounds fabulous but how do we get some of this incredible wines into your glass at home? Well beginning today there are links now available at for you to order your favorite wines from the Premiere Napa Valley Brand! I had the opportunity to bring the 2017 Honig Vineyard & Winery Cabernet Sauvignon to dinner while I was visiting Yountville, and let me tell you all it was one of the most fantastic wines I have ever had the pleasure of sipping on. These wines will not disappoint and will really showcase the world renowned wine that is made int he beautiful Napa Valley. Thanks for reading!

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