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My perception and thoughts about wine have significantly changed over the years. Wine now means a way to bring people together and inspire conversation with those you are surrounded by. Whether it be hosting a holiday meal, to learning how wine is made, to going wine tasting, or from one of my wine Wednesday evenings, wine brings people together and creates a story. The art of the story and the appreciation of wine is what led Anthony and Michelle Faustini of “Faustini Wines” to begin their journey in the wine industry.

Circle back to 2005 when the story first began, this is when Anthony and Michelle wanted to take their love of wine to the next level. The creation of Faustini Wines really became a passion project for them and their family. When deciding where they would source their grapes, they landed on one of the most iconic wine regions in the world, Napa Valley. They then set out on a mission to create high end luxury wines that tell a story and create new memories.

Of the three varietals they sent over for me to try, each are labeled with their family crest and each has its own unique story. They have also included a special offer for 20% off this three pack bundle! Use promotional code “Blonde20” or the following link:


The Faustini Beach House No. 34 Sauvignon Blanc tells the love story that Anthony and Michelle share as this is when they decided to combine their two stories into one. In beautiful Newport, RI is the Castle Hill Inn where at Beach House No. 34, Anthony proposed to Michelle. This wine is all about creating new and memorable experiences. This medium bodied Sauv Blanc, harvested from Rutherford, pairs great with any vegetarian or white meat dishes. Also, perfect with a light salad!

The Faustini 1023 Cabernet Sauvignon is sure to light up any room and create new memories just as the meaning of the wine did for Anthony and Michelle. The number 1023 has such a significant meaning as it was the exact time in which their daughter Ava was born. This wine represents significant moments in our lives that we will always remember and cherish. This 2016 varietal is filled with a dark-fruited palate and full tannins, perfect to pair with any red meat or hard cheese.

While the Faustini 2016 Malbec may not have a unique and distinctive name on the label, this amazing wine definitely has a story of its own. Malbec is not the first varietal you think of when you think high quality wines from Napa Valley. The wine country is primarily dominated by Cabernet Sauvignon and Chardonnay. However, the mighty Malbec grape grows beautifully in the valley creating some incredible luxury wine. I think this wine is one that everyone should try. You’ll be sure to be left speechless by the full-bodied complexity and velvety texture of this wine.

The next time you are pondering the wine list at a restaurant and come across a Faustini Wine, you should definitely look no further and sip on one of their varietals. You can also visit their online wine shop to purchase and enjoy!

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