12 Fire Wines from Texas

Howdy y’all and welcome to my page Bordeaux Blonde, thank you so much for visiting! It may come as a surprise as I have always lived in California, but I am a huge country fan and I was raised on country music. I have a lot of family that lives in Texas. That is why I am very excited to share all about a winery based in the Lone Star State!


Born out of a love for wine and friendship, 12 FIRES Winery and Vineyard joined the Texas wine industry in 2016.  Three best friends decided to join forces and begin their wine journey. The owners Duke, Zach, and Mike all met at the Corps of Cadets training program at Texas A&M University back in the early 1990s. Their friendship has lasted throughout the years and eventually led to the purchase of 12 acres of beautiful land in the Texas Hill Country area. Their mission has remained consistent to help put Texas wines on the map and create 100% true Texas wines for wine lovers everywhere to enjoy. 


Now let’s talk wine! One of the most favorite grapes in the state has been the Tempranillo grape since 1996 as it loves the similar climate Texas has to the southern Spain region. The Tempranillo grape has been commonly referred to as the Cabernet Sauvignon of the Lone Star State. The 2017 Tempranillo from 12 Fire Wines has hints of pepper and spice on the nose with a clean smooth finish on the palate and light tannins. This medium bodied and fruit forward Tempranillo will pair with any Beef or Pork dish. 


Petit Verdot has always been an intriguing wine to me and one that I have not had the opportunity to taste as frequently as I feel like it was not as popular while I was living in Napa. The Petit Verdot grape, originally from the Bordeaux Region of France, is a more delicate grape and difficult to grow in cooler climates. Grown in the Strawberry Vineyard of West Texas, this full bodied 2017 Petit Verdot from 12 Fire Wines is tannin rich. I would pair with a hard cheese and compliment with a steak dinner. 


This Albarino is harvested in the Texas Plains from the Narra Vineyard, and exemplifies how well this grape can grow in the Texas climate. Enriched with a small amount of dry Orange Muscat for aroma characteristics, this Albarino is well balanced and has nice acidity. Perfectly complemented with any seafood entree. 


If you are looking to broaden your wine palate and try some Texas wines I suggest venturing over to the 12 FIRES Winery & Vineyard website at 12fires.com where they frequently offer discounted specials on their wines and on shipping. It is going to be exciting to see how the wine industry in Texas continues to grow over the next couple of years. Cheers and thank you for reading along!

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