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IMG_2210.JPGGood morning wine lovers and happy winery Wednesday! Thank you for stopping by my blog to see which winery I want to share this week. So buckle up and let’s get to it! Picture driving up Silverado Trail in beautiful wine country surrounded by vineyards and countless wineries every which way. As we made our way through wine country we turned on a private road to the beautiful Regusci Winery.

This Napa Valley winery is the perfect example of family tradition and history in wine country. The land has been in the Regusci family since the early 1930s and now four generations. In fact the family lives right on property and it was clear to see the love and hard work that went into making the property what it is today.

As we arrived their was a beautiful assortment of fresh vegetables picked right from Mrs. Laura Regusci’s own garden right on property. (My pictures did not save on my IG, but I promise it was so cute walking in and seeing the colors of fresh veggies for sale and you can see more about it here !). We entered the charming tasting room area filled with wine, a tasting bar area, history of the family & property, and the cutest winery lab dog basking in the sun!

img_2462.jpgWe were greeted and escorted around the property where we saw how the old dairy farm from the early to mid 1900s, had been transformed into the renowned family winery today. We made our way into the barrel room, which is the oldest winery building in the famous Stag’s Leap District, dating back to the last 1800s! We passed by the “Employees Only” sign and continued our way to Mr. Jim Regusci’s private lounge where we would be enjoying our library wine tasting flight.

CCC5EE0D-18D8-4005-BE06-0C151FEFB2E3.JPGThis Library Selection was by far the most interesting and unique tasting I have experienced as the youngest wine we would be tasting was a 2000 Merlot from the Stag’s Leap District. From there we continued to a 1999 Merlot from the same region. It only makes sense that as we are in the famous cab region of the world in Stags Leap, that we would then continue to a 1998 & 1997 Cabernet Sauvignon, both aged 20 months in American Oak and both 100% Cabernet. It is crazy to see the difference in a wine just year to year and how climate and other factors can change after a wine is aged for almost 20 years. You can see more of their library selection that is available online.

After our amazing and educational tasting we headed for a quick tour around property where we got to see multiple stages as the family one country music and frequently brings in artists from all over. This includes famous artists such as Carrie Underwood & Brad Paisley for the “Live in the Vineyard- Goes Country” event.

IMG_2222.JPGEveryone was so hospitable and welcoming to this gorgeous property. After the tour we then enjoyed the rest of our wine while sitting on the patio overlooking the family’s 168 acres of vineyards on property. The perfect way to spend time in Napa Valley is scheduling a visit to Regusci Winery.

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