Sosie Wines Summer Celebration

IMG_0380.JPGHappy Winery Wednesday fellow winos! I hope your week is going great and that you are ready for this new post featuring some great wines. This past weekend I had the opportunity to attend the Sosie Wines June 22nd Summer Fete celebration in Sonoma County. To begin, the drive from Napa to Sonoma is one of the most breathtaking drives with endless rolling hills of vineyards and beautiful wineries along the way.

IMG_0373.JPGThe event was held a local Sonoma Valley wine making facility, Sugarloaf Custom Crush, near the city of Santa Rosa. This beautiful facility is where Sosie Wines hosted their summer celebration. The room was filled with live music and delicious bites from The Girl and the Fig restaurant in Sonoma… a favorite! The bites and incredible cheese board selection they had was a perfect compliment to the wine that was being poured.  I have only had hors d’oeuvres from The Girl and The Fig a couple of times and every time the food is amazing! I definitely hope to dine in their restaurant in Sonoma Square soon!

IMG_0407.JPGNow let’s talk about the delicious Sosie Wines that were being poured. We were welcomed into the event and given a wine glass, to of course enjoy some wine! They had a full selection of whites, reds, and their rosé. With it being quite a warm day in the valley on Saturday, I opted for the 2017 Rosé of Syrah from the Vivio Vineyards in Bennet Valley.  This rosé is definitely one of my favorites, being so refreshing and savory, perfect to enjoy any day.

The had a selection of whites wines to enjoy including the popular Roussanne varietal also from the Vivio Vineyard. This complex and unique wines offers a unique tasting experience form the nose to the pallet. This is also a great wine to enjoy for these hot summer months ahead!

While they were pouring some great white wine varietals, they also had a full selection of red wine varietals to try. One of them being their 2015 Spring Hill Pinot Noir which is definitely one of my favorites! This wine consists of three out of the seven different clones of Pinot Noir planted of the Sonoma Coast which all join to create a beautifully blended Pinot.   Another favorite they poured was their 2015 Cabernet Franc from the ever famous Stagecoach Vineyard.  On the nose I got a full pepper and spice aromas which were beautiful. On the palate, the rich flavors provide a smooth and medium full body Cabernet Franc, perfect to be paired with a dinner meal.

I am so happy I had the chance to attend this great event and officially kick off the start of summer with this celebration! If you are looking for some new wines to try from the Sonoma Valley wine country I strongly recommend you check out Sosie Wines! The have a very impressive selection sourced from four amazing vineyards in the valley. This boutique winery is definitely up and coming winning multiple awards for some of their varietals. Thank you again Sosie Wine for a great Saturday event!





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