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Welcome to Winery Wednesday!

I am so excited to start kicking off these Wednesday posts again to share more about some of my favorite wineries in Napa Valley! Today’s edition features a gorgeous winery located just 5 minutes away from Downtown Napa! Eleven Eleven Wines is located on Trancas Street and Big Ranch Road, in the Oak Knoll AVA and just a quick drive or walk if you are staying in downtown.

Even with Eleven Eleven being so close to town, this is definitely a hidden gem winery with a total production of around 1800 cases. The outside of the winery is gorgeous with a beautiful drive through the vineyards, my favorite! The winery is young as it was built in 2013 but honestly it looks brand new with the design and architecture. They have a renowned winemaker, Kirk Venge, who was born and raised in Napa Valley and has been in the wine industry for his whole career.

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As if we thought the outside was beautiful, once we walked through the doors, my jaw dropped…literally. If only I could design a space like this in my house, talk about #goals. The interior was honestly breathtaking with an innovative and contemporary design that was so welcoming and comfortable.


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Now let’s get to the wine…as I mentioned, they have a smaller case production. It is my favorite thing to find a winery with a smaller case production that focuses on quality versus the quantity of wine produced. We began our tasting with the 2018 Estate Rose of Syrah…let’s just say I left with a bottle of this as it was so good. It was so refreshing on the palate and I plan to have this out at the pool in the warm summer weather. Can you say rose all day!

We then moved onto the whites, a Sauv Blanc and a Chardonnay, both of which I really liked. The Chardonnay was very unique as it was more of a delicious buttery aroma on the nose, but in a twist of delight on the palate it did not have an over powering butter taste and was more tropical and light. I really enjoyed the complexity of this wine.

We also had the opportunity to try three of their red wines, a Pinot Noir, a Zinfandel, and to finish the tasting we had their Cabernet Sauvignon with a sea salt dark chocolate pairing. Let’s just say I was in heaven by this point. The Pinot Noir was definitely one of my favorites from Russian River Valley, it was bold and full of rich flavor.


When wineries still keep the art of winemaking and family environment in the winery, it can really make your experience wine tasting so different. At Eleven Eleven we felt so welcome and had a great time learning all about the history of how the winery was first started. I won’t spoil the story before your visit, but it is a good one! And I love the meaning of “Eleven Eleven,” which is to “make-your-moment.” Such an inspiration!



If you have any questions regarding my tasting experience or are interested in visiting the winery please let me know or contact the winery to set up your appointment! 







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