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I don’t know what could be better than coming home after a long day at work to a package of wine delivered right to your house?! Well wait no longer, Raw Vino has you covered! This amazing wine membership service gives you the option to choose how many bottles of wine you would like to receive in each shipment. It also allows for you to choose which natural wine you would like delivered to your front door step.

Now you may be wondering what natural wine is and thought that all wine is natural, but there are actually a lot of additives that most wines contain. With Raw Vino you will be receiving wine that is free of these additives and fruit that is farmed from organic and biodynamic vineyards. Most of the wines are also small production and family owned which you know I love to support!

In addition to this, Raw Vino is also very environmentally friendly by taking further steps to not include excess packaging materials like pamphlets, stickers, tissue paper, etc.

One other amazing quality about Raw Vino is they donate 5% of the profits to the “California Certified Organic Farmers” foundation. In addition to this, they have a commitment to support and feature female winemakers in the selection of wine you can choose in your next shipment. I think this is such a great feature about Raw Vino with more and more female winemakers creating a path in the industry.




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