Yountville Tasting Rooms

Happy Winery Wednesday everyone! Today I thought I would mix it up aand talk about one of my favorite places to go wine tasting. No it is not at one single winery, but in Downtown Yountville! If you have been to this cute little town before then you know just how charming it is and how many tasting rooms there are.

Yountville is a town located just north of Napa, but let me tell you it is famous with its world renound restaurants…like the French Laundry for example. In addition to all the amazing, Michelin rated restaurants, there are some great tasting rooms all within walking distance to one another!

Here is my listed of where to go wine tasting in Yountville:

1. JCB – the first place I ever went to in Napa and it is such a fun, luxurious environment for wine tasting

2. Hope & Grace – my parents love this wine so it was exciting to finally visiting this quaint tasting room

3. Stewart Cellars – relatively new to Yountville and located right next to Southside Cafe (also yum!)

4. RH- many are confused by the concept of this store/gallery/restaurant/wonderland, but it actually has a separate section for wine tasting!

5. Jessie Cellars – this relatively new addition to Yountville has a gorgeous art gallery tasting room and some incredible wine

6. Silver Trident- Beautiful Ralph Lauren tasting room with an amazing food pairing

7. Priest Ranch Wines- a fun and relaxing tasting rooms with great wine

While I have been to all of these great places there are even more that I haven’t been to yet! So many great places in Yountville for your next wine tasting experience. Definitely plan to stop by Yountville for some more wine tasting adventures!



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