5 Wineries for Walk In Tastings

Happy Winery Wednesday everyone! Today I want to share some of my favorite wineries in Napa Valley that accept walk-in tastings. Most of the wineries in Napa require an appointment beforehand, but it is helpful to know some of them the don’t! Even though I ALWAYS recommend calling a winery ahead of time to try and make an appointment, sometimes you are unable to. If you are headed to Napa soon for a last minute spontaneous trip and don’t have any wine tasting appointments lined up, I suggest checking out these five amazing wineries:

  1. Domaine Carneros – one of the most gorgeous wineries, this French Chateau is nestled on top of the hill surrounded by vineyards. If you are looking for a fun place to sit and sip on wine, I recommend going here! (Also they have a delicious cheese and charcuterie board!)IMG_8209.JPG
  2. Mumm – another place for some amazing sparkling wine and they have such a fun indoor/outdoor environment. I have previously featured Mumm on a winery Wednesday before, click “here” and it was the first winery I was a member at!IMG_3762.JPG IMG_3819.JPG
  3. Alpha Omega – now you all know I LOVE this winery with their gorgeous outdoor water fountain tasting area, (queue the many instagram photos I have sitting in front of this fountain! HAHA) I strongly suggest trying their single vineyard tasting selection…amazing.IMG_8039 3.JPG
  4. Silverado – this winery is apart of the Disney family…need I say more? HAHA. They also have some incredible views as they are located up on the hill off of Silverado Trail. They have a great selection of wine that is perfect for any occasion. IMG_3791.JPG IMG_6200.JPG
  5. JCB – now this tasting room in downtown Yountville is truly so unique and unlike any other tasting room I have ever been to. The fun, vibrant, and over the top decor and environment makes for a truly special tasting experience. If you are walking around Yountville maybe after lunch or before dinner, I suggest stopping into JCB for a tasting!Facetune_28-04-2018-12-54-19.JPG

While there are so many more great wineries that I haven’t been to yet, I hope this gives you some new and fun suggestions on where to go the next time you are in Napa! All of these places accept walk ins, but again always try to call before to let the winery know. You can see if they are super busy and if you might have a wait time.





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