Top 5 Bordeaux Blonde Travel Tips

IMG_2570.JPGHey there everyone!

With everyone still committed to their New Years resolutions, I thought I would share one of mine: to travel more! Even though I have felt  non-stop from all of the holiday festivities these last two weeks, I know for 2019 I want to travel as much as I can.

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Here are some tips and tricks I have for how I plan to save while I travel:

1. Search well in advance. Even though I am ALL about the spontaneous trip to book a flight the day before or to just packed the car and just drive, it can definitely be more expensive to wait last minute.

For more local trips and flights (SoCal Or Seattle) I typically look 2-4 months in advcance. That seems to be when there are some pretty good airline deals out there. If I am looking to travel international, I start planning a year in advance and try to buy an airline ticket around six months out.

2.  Become a frequent flyer! There are so many great airline mileage programs where you can earn miles to use on upcoming trips. I personally use Southwest the most as I always seem to find great deals on airports I frequently travel to, plus 2 free checked bags (AMEN!). Saving up your miles is so great and you can basically earn extra free flights, YAY!

3. Follow travel apps. I have a few different apps downloaded that I use to constantly compare prices for flights, hotels, etc. Some of these include Southwest, Hopper, World of Hyatt, and Virgin Atlantic. I am always looking online at various travel search websites as well to see and compare what options are out there.

IMG_0016 2.JPG4. Who is your travel buddy? I always love to travel with my friends and I have made some unbelievable memories traveling together. Know you who would travel well with and how it would be to travel together.

When I went to Paris (and London) with my friend she was in charge of the transportation (as I am horrible with figuring out public transportation) and I was in charge of (attempting) to communicate with the locals as I had been taking French classes! We are both pretty organized so that also helped with planning.IMG_2728.JPG

5. Plan out meals and eating out. The price of eating out while traveling can definitely add up quickly. I like to always bring plenty of snacks with me so I don’t have to eat out for everything. I typically try to limit how many “big/expensive” meals I have while traveling. Planning ahead and looking at different restaurants in the area helps!

I always try to stay at hotels with light breakfast options or discounts. Especially if the hotel has a “Regency Club” like some Hyatt’s or a concierge lounge where you can really get a lot of food!


Some places I have on my travel bucket list for this year include:





Lake Tahoe



Where are some places you would love to travel to for 2019!?



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