Not your typical Winery Wednesday!


Well happy Wednesday everyone! I cannot believe we are officially in 2019 and the new year has begun! I have some very exciting news and this is definitely a different edition for my usual “Winery Wednesday” post.

For this January I have decided to have a “Dry January” so that I can focus on health and wellness heading into the new year on “Bordeaux Blonde.” Now I know that health and fitness is a pretty common theme for New Years resolutions, but this so exciting for me to include on my page and more about myself. This is an opportunity to share more about other passions I have besides wine, including a look into my love of health and fitness.


Now, I know what you are thinking, how is a wine blogger to give up wine for an ENTIRE month?! And while I know this will be challenging given I live in Napa Valley and I love to go wine tasting, I am so excited to use this opportunity to include my love of fitness into the “Bordeaux Blonde” world. Don’t worry I will still be writing plenty about wine and will still include all my Napa adventures still on my page and blog!

I will be participating in the “Dry January” challenge with one of my roommates and we are also trying the “Whole 30” challenge. I am so excited to try both to start of the new year! I always do a juice cleanse once a month as I really see the benefits and feel better. Stay tuned for more about health and fitness in my upcoming posts on “Bordeaux Blonde”!




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