Napa Cellars Winery

Hey Wine world! I wanted to share one of my recent trips to Napa Cellars Winery located right off Highway 29 in Napa. I partnered with Napa Cellars Winery a couple of months ago and I must say I have been loving their wine. I have really enjoyed partnering together and working with them.

We visited Napa Cellars one sunny fall day here in town on a Saturday afternoon. The weather was perfect and we enjoyed our tasting outside at one of their picnic tables.

Napa Cellars has been in the valley for over 40 years and they make some great wine        and have different food pairings to choose from. We decided to try the chocolate and wine pairing over the cheese pairing, just too try something new (since we always opt to try the cheese pairings!)

The winery is also set up for picnics and you have the option to bring your own food! (GASP!) This is so rare here in the valley to be able to bring your own outside food to a winery. You are also able to just order a glass of wine and enjoy their beautiful outdoor space.

It is such a great location to go with friends to hangout and enjoy wine, food, and the outdoor area including corn hole and other outdoor games.



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