Diamonds are a girls bestfriend

Hi Wine World! Happy Winery Wednesday.

So I wanted to share with you all one of my recent winery experiences. I know we have all heard the expression “Diamonds are a girl’s bestfriend” and I think it is quite fitting for the winery I just went to. Ashes and Diamonds winery located off of Highway 29 and about 10 minutes outside of downtown Napa truly has a unique experience. It is also great that the winery is open later until 7:00 pm, as most wineries close much earlier. They are also located right next to one of my favorite restaurants in all of Napa, Bistro Don Giovanni. Perfect to have dinner after your tasting.

Driving in you immediately you notice the architecture of the big white building down the long street through the vineyards. The building has a very interesting zig-zag type roof and large circle windows. As you walk towards the entrance you can’t help but notice the large bright yellow door. You pull open the giant swinging door and are completely transported into fun and funky modern decor with bright colors and eccentric furniture.

We went on a tour though their main tasting room, the private tastings areas outside where they have outdoor games, the vineyards, and a private tasting room for guests. The grounds of the property are perfect for anyone to stop by to experience a tasting or for a group of friends headed there to hangout and enjoy the games outdoors.

After we finished the tour we headed back to the main tasting room and enjoyed some of their wines. I really loved their 2014 Cabernet Franc and I also loved their 2015 Sauvignon Blanc. The wines were superb and we got to learn how Ashes and Diamonds really sets itself apart by their wine making process and the history of the winery is so unique. The winery has only been open in Napa for less than a year, but it has strong ties to Darioush Winery as the the owner is the son of Darioush!

Overall, I think Ashes an Diamonds is a great experience for  anyone traveling to Napa and who wishes to visit something so modern and fun. It is perfect for weekend getaways, and of course a fun girls trip with your best friends headed to Napa for some wine tasting. Therefore, I think Ashes & Diamonds stays true to the saying, diamonds are a girl’s best friend!



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