What am I currently reading?

img_6382My summer reading has had one common theme; wine, of course. While I have been practicing my French lessons here and there throughout the summer, my main focus has been diving into books about the art of wine.

“From Napa with Love” was given to me by one of my good friends once I received the exciting news I would be relocating to Napa Valley. It was my first step into learning more about wine country, where to visit for tastings and some history of the valley. One of the first chapters of the book introduces Jean-Charles Boisset, the exciting French vintner here in Napa. After reading about his creations and style I knew I had to experience his wineries and tasting rooms.


I began at the JCB Tasting room in Yountville, then to Raymond Vineyards, and Buena Vista Winery, all products of Jean-Charles Boisset. I think the style of JCB is so exciting and something you will definitely not expect to see in Napa.

I decided to learn more about the life of sommeliers and the stories behind the scenes. I just recently began reading “Cork Dork” by Bianca Bosker. This book has been so enlightening into the experience the author went through during her quest and training to become a sommelier. It is fascinating the sacrifices made to become some of the best in the wine business. I am excited to keep reading this book and finish this summer.

My next read this summer and fall  is “How to Taste” by the famous Jancis Robinson. With this book I really hope to learn more technique to become a better taster. I want to challenge myself to know what goes into each glass of wine and the proper etiquette of tastings. I think having more understanding for each wine is so important and I am excited for my wine adventures to come.

Happy Reading!



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