5 Goals for this Summer

With this summer weather in full force here in Norcal (currently over 90 degrees in Napa Valley this week) I thought it might be fun to share my 5 personal goals for this Summer! I always feel that I long for the warm summer months and before I know it we are back to fall and heading into the holiday season. I always love keeping notes of my goals to help hold myself accountable and what better way then to layout my list here.

  1.  To be outside more. With working inside all day I feel the importance of spending as much time as I can outside. In fact as I started to write this post, I grabbed my cup of coffee and laptop and headed outside to enjoy the early summer morning. This is also one reason why I love exploring new wineries, as most of them have a gorgeous space to taste wine and be outside.
  2. Wake up early enough to consistently do my morning yoga. I touched on this topic in another post of how important it is to me to start the day with a little yoga. This summer my goal is to consistently wake up early enough to allow myself plenty of time to always practice in the morning (maybe even outside to help goal number 1?!)
  3. To find a new church. Having just recently moved, I have yet to find a church in my new town. My goal this summer is to connect with a church community and to continue to grow my faith.
  4. Exploring my new city, Wine Country. Now living in beautiful Napa Valley, my goal is to consistently try at least one new tasting room, winery, or restaurant a week (if I am in town). I want to fully embrace the time I am living in this beautiful part of the world and I hope to continue to get great content to share here on Bordeaux Blonde for your next trip to Wine County.
  5. J’ameliore mon Francais.  I want to continue improving my French and try to practice a little everyday. Before I went to Paris last May, I was very consistent in practicing all the time in preparation for my trip which really motivated me. Now since I don’t have my next trip planned, I have kind of fallen off the wagon of going through my daily lessons.  My dream would be to live in Paris someday, so I definitely need to keep practicing! (I’ll be the first to admit my accent needs all the help it can get!)

As I finish this post I realize I really want to start making my list of goals for each season of the year. I think this would be so great to then look back on at the beginning of the year to see what I accomplished. Because let’s face it, who remembers exactly what their New Years resolutions were without writing them down?! I know I don’t!


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