Visiting Wine Country

(Buena Vista Winery)

As you’re making your drive from San Francisco, maybe Sacramento, or you are driving in from another part California, you immediately notice the difference once you turn onto Highway 12. Almost immediately you start to see vineyards here and then suddenly you are surrounded by mesmerizing green vineyards that make Wine Country one of the most beautiful places in the world. The drive into Napa Valley is one like no other and truly breathtaking as you pass endless rolling hills of vineyards.

If you continue your way up to Highway 29, or venture over to Silverado Trail, or maybe you plan to explore on your own and get off the beaten trail, the amazing views will only continue with the spectacular wineries you will see. This is Disneyland for grown ups.

winry view(Silverado Winery)

Each winery is truly unique and inside fabulous wines are awaiting! Throughout my adventures here in Napa there is one thing I have learned; Every winery holds a different experience, and with over 800 wineries you are in for a treat! I will continue to share my experiences and hope to give guidance to those traveling to this remarkable valley.


mumm(Mumm Winery)

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