Bonjour Cheri

Bonjour et bienvenue!

(Good day and welcome!)

Ahhh, of the most beautiful and romantic languages in the world. To begin my love and passion for Paris, I need to start from the beginning…

I have always loved to travel growing up and I had the greatest desire to travel abroad my whole life. I dreamed of experiencing another culture, another language, and places I had never seen before. Getting the amazing opportunity to meet new people and learn new things was something I longed for.


Last year I had the incredible opportunity to fulfill my dream and travel to Europe for the first time for my 25 birthday! This trip had changed my life and my passion for traveling only grew. This past May I chose to pack my bags once again and jet off back to Paris.

As soon as I stepped of the train in Paris (I trained in from London after my flight) the feeling of excitement and exploration filled my heart once again. The first time I went to Paris we were only there for three days and man did it fly by! This time I was going to be ready. We had a somewhat planned itinerary and list of things we wanted to see while we adventured through the city eating croissants and sipping espresso. This time I had prepared and I had been studying French for months. Listening to podcasts, music, reading books, making flashcards, and I even took a French course at the community center. I was doing everything I could to immerse myself in French culture before I arrived.

paris 2And even though I was only able to communicate with the locals a little bit (and when I say little, I mean barely just getting through the basics of starting a conversation before asking if they could speak English),  I was still in no way prepared for the feeling of being fully immersed into another country, another world. Everything from the language, the food, the fashion, how people interacted with one another, the transportation, the breathtaking architecture, my list could continue on and on. This feeling of experiencing all of these new things, and my heart was loving it.

As I continue to add more to my growing blog, I will be diving into more detail of my amazing experiences and travel tips for when visiting Paris.

Au Revoir!


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