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Welcome everyone to Bordeaux Blonde, thank you so much for visiting! My name is Sara Renee and I am 26 years old. I am a native Cali girl living and loving everything the Golden State has to offer. I have currently live in Napa Valley and I am sharing my experiences one winery and adventure at a time.

I have a passion for amazing wine, traveling and meeting new people, fashion and style, fitness, and all things fabulous. This blog is my place to write and share about all of my experiences.

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Sara Renee


What is your favorite type of wine?

This is a pretty hard question for me right now especially living in Napa with so many amazing options. It is a coin toss between a nice crisp cold glass of bubbles (sparkling wine) on a hot summer day or a full body and bold Bordeaux.

Next dream vacation?

My dream vacation would be to travel to Italy one day.  I would love to see the countryside as well as the beautiful architecture, history, and of course the Vatican.

What is your favorite clothing line?

I have too many favorite clothing lines to choose from, but I feel that I always find myself at the Free People rack in any department store and constantly trying to find key pieces from their line. I am also in love with Celebrity Pink jeans. They are super affordable and being 5’10 it is usually hard for me to find jeans that fit right and are long enough. With Celebrity Pink’s “Long” fit they are perfect and SUPER comfy which is so important for finding a great pair of jeans. My favorite athletic apparel is typically Nike or Lululemon, but I also have some pieces from the Buffbunny Collection that I am obsessed with (they have so many cute colors!).

What is your favorite city you have traveled to?

My favorite city is Paris, France by far. I absolutely fell in love the moment I saw the Eiffel Tower. I have been blessed to have traveled there the past two years for my birthday with some of my amazing lifelong friends. I hope to continue the tradition and explore more of Paris each time.

What are your hobbies?

Currently, my new favorite hobby is exploring the countless wineries in Napa. Each winery is beautiful and unique…and not to mention the amazing wines!

How many countries have you visited?

I have traveled to Canada, France, and Great Britain. My list of places I want to travel is pretty long so I have a lot of work to do!

What are your favorite sports?

I played volleyball in college and it has always been my passion. I also love basketball (Go Spurs!) I am definitely a “sports girl”.

What is your favorite food?

I would have to say anything Italian. There are some pretty amazing Italian restaurants here in Napa, my favorites include Don Giovanni (the lamp Gnocchetti is always my go-to) and Oenotri in downtown. If you are looking to explore Yountville during your stay in Wine Country, Redd Wood and Bottega are also on my list of favorite Italian restaurants. (Make sure to try the Italian Gin & Tonic at Bottega…delicious!)

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